'Hey, you love this one, "How do you give a lemon an orgasm?" You tickle its citrus!'.

Beth trying to calm Sarah down

The DescentEdit

Beth was one of the women who ventured into the cave in the events of the first film, and was also the best friend of Sarah Carter. It is indicated throughout the film that Beth knew about the affair between Juno and Sarah's husband, Paul but for unknown reasons, remained silent. Beth was mortally wounded after being mistaken for a crawler by Juno when Beth crept up behind Juno to alert her but without making any sign or noise to indicate her presence, Juno struck Beth in the neck with her pick-axe and Beth slowly began to bleed to death. Juno left Beth behind but Beth had pulled off Juno's necklace, which was actually a "gift" from Sarah's husband that was also a gift to him from Sarah herself. When Sarah found Beth near the pool of blood and bones, Beth told Sarah that Juno was responsible for her injury and had given her back the necklace. Beth finally died at the hands of Sarah through a mercy killing, leaving Sarah bitter and full of hate for Juno after the discovery of the affair she had with her husband, Paul and believing her to be deliberately responsible for injuring Beth.


Beth is the only memer of the group (and person who has entered the cave) not to be killed by a crawler.


(Beth walks in with her pyjamers)

Sam: 'Oh my god'

Sarah 'Oh my, Jesus'

(The girls laugh hystorically)

Beth: 'Don't say a fucking word alright? It was a Christmas present'

(Seeing the entrance to the cave for the first time)

Beth: 'You're having a laugh'

Juno: 'Friad not'

Beth: 'I'm an English teacher, not fucking Tomb Raider'.

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