Paul is the husband of Sarah Carter and father of her daughter Jessica Carter.

The DescentEdit

At the time during his marraige, he had an affair with Sarah's friend Juno Kaplan, during that he lended her a pendant with the words 'Love Each Day'. At some point Beth discovered the affair, but remained quiet about it for an unknown reason.

One day after Sarah and her friends went rafting, he pulled Juno out of the water and they both expressed glares at each other. While driving their way home, Paul started to feel guilty about the affair, starring into a distant. When Sarah notice this she asked him if he's alright, but Paul turns and claims he's find. Suddenly (with his eyes not on the road), the car rolls on the other side of the road and collides head-on into a van, with copper pipes from the other veichle crashing through the cars windshield and shooting through Paul's head and carseat killing him and Jessica.

A year later, during a caving trip, Sarah recived Juno's pendant from Beth and would be informed about the affair. 


Paul was portrayed Oliver Milburn.                    

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